Nov 12, 2010

Today is Purple

The delicate droop of the petals standing out in relief,
is like the eyelid of a child.

Auguste Rodin
Last week Toek gave me these wonderful Chrysanthemums (flowers of happiness) and I just love them.
Every day they seem more beautiful as their colours fade slowly.
I prefer these beauties over diamonds, lucky him ;)

Today's inspiration-
during this dark and rainy week I was longing for some colour. 
Fortunately  I discovered the inspiring website of photographer Susan Goldman.
The beautiful backgrounds she creates for her Botanical series are just exquisite!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics..

Elisa Day said...

Wonderful pictures, I love the colour purple. And I love all your images.

vk said...

Only you could have captured the glory of a Chrysanthemum so beautifully... lovely tones.... and the light as usual is amazing!!!!!! You are THE best :) ..

Well said about preferring these over diamonds :) .... a flower scores over any shiny stone ... for me too :)

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