Apr 14, 2010

Today is Blue!

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering
is worse than the suffering itself.

And that no heart has ever suffered
when it goes in search of its dreams,

because every second of the search
is a second's encounter with God and with eternity.

Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)


vk said...

Dear Sas, beautiful work and awesome quote. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I love how those tiny barely visible stars burst forth.....every second of life has the promise of blooming fully...
amazing details in these photos!!
Thanks! missy from the bayou

Anonymous said...

I sometimes have trouble to tell my heart so, it is not always that easy, sometimes I am just a little confused and such a reminder of yours is a wellcome gift! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sending you a little hello....hope you are 'nesting' and well.
Kindest regards,Missy from the bayou

Anonymous said...

visiting daughter in England...June 11 came and I remembered what you had done for me a year ago....I keep you in my prayers and hope you are safe and well Kindest regards,Missy from the bayou

Rupa said...

Hi Sas, hope all is well with you and sending you best wishes.

Rupa said...

Hi Sas, Please update at least one line on your blog so we know you are alright! Hope all is well. Much love and peace from here...Rupa

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