Feb 4, 2010

Colors of Friendship

The colors of friendship 
are revealed 
in the feathers of the soul.

This week I prepared a package for Vani from New Delhi, 
who has always encouraged me and my work from the start. 
The idea that my pictures will find a place in a cosy home in India makes me very happy.

So this post is for you Vani, 
for your lovely support and for sharing your thoughts and ideas 
with me overhere on the other side of the world. 
Thank you :)

1 comment:

vk said...

Oh, Sas! Thanks! This is so beautiful. What a lovely surprise! You took my breath away with these lovely shots and the special mention. I am eagerly waiting for the treasures in that package to reach me. It would make me so happy to see your beautiful work on my walls every day.
Much love, as always, from sunny India.

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