Jun 11, 2009

For Missy...

The arms of love encompass you with your present,
your past, your future,
the arms of love gather you together.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Rupa said...

Fantastic! How I wish I could learn to take pics of flowers like the way you do! I took some really plain pics this weekend at a flower garden. It's like I was dying to capture their beauty I saw but didn't know how to do justice!!! I felt trapped inside for not being able to photograph them the way they deserve to be!! Hats off to you for doing such a phenomenal job!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sas,
It is Tuesday evening the 16th and I opened your site because my
house is finally empty of family
and friends. Peaceful. I see my
name Missy and then the date-June 11,2009. I gasped and burst into
tears....my love, my soul, my sweet
husband died suddenly on the morning of June 11th. You will never know how I will treasure your
sweet thoughtfulness and generosity. I feel such comfort.
God bless you and keep you.
All my love, Missy from the bayou

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