Feb 2, 2010

Flower Fairies for Missy and Vani

Have you watched the fairies
when the rain is done,
Spreading out their little wings
to dry them in the sun?
I have, I have!
Isn't it fun?

Have you heard the fairies
all among the limes
Singing little fairy tunes
to little fairy rhymes?
I have, I have,
Lots and lots of times!

Have you seen the fairies
dancing in the air
And dashing off behind the stars
to tidy up their hair?
I have, I have,
I've been there!

Rose Fyleman


Anonymous said...

OH,Sas......how amazing these photos are.....fairies dancing together!!!! In Peter Pan we clap if we believe in fairies.....I am clapping today because I believe in your fairies. Thanks for these special pieces and for the poems.

vk said...

These photos and the poem are exquisite, Sas. So very beautiful. I am a huge believer and this is a treat. Wow! Thanks for this special post.
Hugs, Vani

Elisa Day said...

Lovely images! And I love fairies.

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